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Cheon Ma Sin Gun is the unofficial leader of the Black Force. He also has six disciples, including Han Bi-Kwang, who are known to the world for their strength and superior abilities.

Appearance: Edit

Personality: Edit

He seems to have a nice personality as he offers a chance for his opponents to surrender with the guarantee of survival. He is also talented enough to earn the respect of not just people in the Black Force but in the White Force as well.

Relationships: Edit

Han Bi-Kwang: Edit

Han Bi-Kwang is Cheon Ma Sin Gun's 6th disciple. Although Han Bi-Kwang is his disciple he tends to journey off on his own and learn techniques from other masters.

Black Winds: Edit

The Black Winds are a group of black force members who were gathered and brought together by Cheon Ma Sin Gun. They all seem to respect him enough to follow him, and as acknowledged him due to his superior skills.

History: Edit

Abilities & Affiliations: Edit

He is easily one of the most powerful beings in the series and is known to battle with Geum-Hwang, the Sword Emperor, who is another character of high skill. In his youth he once led a campaign against the White Force destroying many guilds, even one ran by one of the Five Great Warriors.

Black Force: Edit

Cheon Ma: Since this is a style he created it is probable that he himself is a master of it. He is skilled enough in it that he is able to teach all six of his disciples it at a very high level.

Weapons: Edit

Flame Dragon Blade: Edit

In the past he came into possession of the Flame Dragon Blade, which is one of the Eight Sacred Treasures. The blade was then given to Han Bi-Kwang with the idea that he would become his successor.