Cheon Ma Sin Gun's disciples are 6 gentlemen hand picked by Cheon Ma Sin Gun himself to inherit his techniques. Each disciple is protected by a division of Black Winds.

Baek Gang: Edit

He is Cheon Ma Sin Gun's First Disciple. He is a descendant of Sinji's Hwanjong and was supposed to be the leader of Sinji.He has captured and kept Yu Se Ha in Sinji. He fought Han Bi Kwang and Ham Dwa Rin when they arrived in Sinji, then proceeds to save them and Me Yujin from Sinji forces pursuing them.

Do Wol Cheon: Edit

He Is Cheon Ma Sin Gun's Second Disciple. Although not much is known about him, it seems as if he has connections with Sinji, but the extent of it is unknown.

Jin Fung-Bek: Edit

He is Cheon Ma Sin Gun's Third Disciple. He displayed enough strength to destroy clans on his own, even the Song Mu Guild, which is one of the White Force's major guilds. He is very brutal and kills anyone who gets in his way. Although he has immense strength he is sick with a fatal illness and therefore dying.

Cho Un-Hyun: Edit

He is Cheon Ma Sin Gun's Forth Disciple. Despite being strong in his own right he is often bullied by his fellow disciples. He once plotted Han Bi-Kwangs death.

Choi Sang-Hwe: Edit

He is Cheon Ma Sin Gun's Fifth Disciple and although he is younger than Han Bi-Kwang, he has been Cheon Ma disciple for 10 years making him Han Bi-Kwang's senior. People often mistake him as a woman due to his appearance. He also likes to bring along a sewing kit with him adding more to the misunderstanding, but despite his appearance he is strong enough to battle against one of the Neutral Force's Elite Four. Unlike the other disciples, he's on good terms with Han Bi-Kwang. He first debut in chapter 111.

He is protected by Black Winds 6th division.

Han Bi-Kwang: Edit

He is Cheon Ma Sin Gun's Sixth Disciple. He was given the Flame Dragon Blade by Cheon Ma Sin Gun which makes him a possible successor. Even though he is considered a disciple of Cheon Ma Sin Gun he often goes out on his own doing whatever he feels like. Since the disciples are ranked in order of strength he would be considered the weakest, but he has shown much progression so even though he still holds the 6th Disciple position he would be much higher