Dan Wu-Hyeon

Dan Wu-Hyeon is the owner of the North Sea Ice Castle.

Appearance: Edit

Some of his notable features is his long hair and the fur coat he is always seen wearing.

Personality: Edit

He has a calm and serious appearance. However, whenever he is around his daughter, Bu Young, he become helpless.

Relationships: Edit

Bu Young: Edit

Bu Young is Dan Wu-Hyeon's daughter.

Han Bi-Kwang: Edit

Due to a misunderstanding, Dan Wu-Hyeon believes Han Bi-Kwang to be his son-in-law although it was just a plat set by Bu Young to escape capture.

History: Edit

Abilities: Edit

Dan Wu-Hyeon is the owner of the North Sea Ice Castle, which is apart of the Neutral Force. He is said to be as strong as Cheon Ma Sin Gun.

Neutral Force: Edit

North Sea Ice Castle: Since he is the owner of the North Sea Ice Castle he most likely holds knowledge in the techniques used by them. His signature move seems to be Freezing God Palm, which is a ki blast in the form of ice that allows you to freeze your opponent.