History: Edit

The Elite Four are powerful warriors that belong to the Neutral Force. Not much is known about them but they displayed strength on par with the White Force's Five Great Warriors. There are three known members, Dan Wu-Hyeon, Hwang Geon-Wu and Salsung of the East.

Afflictions: Edit

Dan Wu-Hyeon: Edit

He is the owner of the North Sea Ice Castle and is best known for his Freezing Ice Palm technique. Though he is neutral, he befriended one of Cheon Ma Sin Gun's disciple, Han Bi-Kwang, under the impression that he will marry his daughter.

Hwang Geon-Wu: Edit

Unlike most of the people in the story he fights using physical techniques only. Like Dan Wu-Hyeon he befriended Choi Sang-Hwe, another one of Cheon Ma Sin Gun's disciple, due to the attraction between him and his daughter.

Salsung: Edit

She does not come from the plains like the other Neutral Force's Elite Four, but resides in the East where she is known by others as Salsung. She was killed by Sa Eumin of Sinji.