History: Edit

Five Great Warriors are 5 elite fighters of the White Force. This includes, Geum-Hwang, Mun Jong-Hu, Bek Li-Sau, Sin-Gong and Cheon Yoo-Hyun. From these 5, Geum-Hwang is said to be the strongest. First mentioned in Volume 1: Chapter 5.

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Afflictions: Edit

Geum-Hwang: Edit

Geum-Hwang a.k.a. The Sword Emperor is the strongest of the 5 White Sages. He is the creator of the White Lightning Technique and grandfather to Dam Hwa-Rin. He also has a long friendship with Cheon Ma Sin Gun, who is said to be the unofficial leader of the Black Force.

Mun Jong-Hu: Edit

Mun Jong-Hu is a master with the blade, which earned him his nickname, Blade God. He encountered Han Bi-Kwang once and saw his potential. Not knowing he was the disciple of Cheon Ma Sin Gun, he taught him Blade techniques which greatly enhanced his fighting techniques. He is also the master of Jin Phe Win, who has the title of one of the Six Dragon Gods.

Bek Li-Sau: Edit

Bek Li-Sau is a master of hand to hand combat and is known to other by, Elder Guege. He passed on all of his techniques to Han-Bi Kwang even though he knew he was Cheon Ma Sin Gun's disciple and part of the Black Force. He was killed by members of Sinji.

Sin-Gong: Edit

Sin-Gong is a master mechanic and engineer which earned him a spot in Sinji, where is his regarded as the Master of Brilliant God Palace. It is said that his machines are strong enough to battle against the Sword Emperor.

Cheon Yoo-Hyun: Edit

He is an old man who live in reclusive home in the jungle. He treats the wounded regardless which faction the patients from and has earned the nickname of, Medicine Sage. He is the former master of Byuk Poong Moon Clan and grandfather to the current master, Cheon Wun-Ak.