The Six Dragon Gods are a group of powerful young warriors that belong to the White Force. Though not as powerful as the Five Great Warriors they each hold tremendous strength and even hold connections with the aforementioned group.

Afflictions: Edit

Jin Phe-Wun: Edit

He is a disciple of one of the Five Great Warriors, Mun Jong-Hu, the Blade God. He shares a fascination with blades that can be compared with his master, and due to that fascination his choice of weapon would be the blade.

Ma Chun-Hwi: Edit

He earned the nickname, Flash Sword, due to his speed. This was shown when he was able to keep up with Han Bi-Kwang, who then became surprised because he has always been able to out pace a lot of characters in the series.

Lee-Hwa: Edit

Her choice of weapons are twin swords, which she is able to use at a very high level. She seems to have a crush on Jin Phe-Wun, another member of the Six Dragon Gods.

Cheon Wun-Ak: Edit

His grandfather is a member of the Five Great Warriors, who is known by others as the Medicine Sage, Cheon Yoo-Hyun. He is a womanizer and tries to pick up any beautiful woman he sees.